The 'competition' is open.

If you wish to submit poems for the 2013 UK Poetry Live, this is the time!

The prizes will consist of book vouchers (don't expect a huge sum, we are all volunteers and are chipping in out of our pockets), a certificate, and a place in the UK Poetry Live Olympus Page (coming soon).

We are looking for innovative poems, innovative voices, experimental poetry.

The closing date is 31st January 2013.

We will also be browsing for entries ourselves, so be prepared to face competitors from all over the world (though we do not feel very competitive ourselves; the aim is, of course, to promote experimental poetry through our 100,000 visitors).

We are transparent, so, this is how the prizes will be awarded:
40% of the votes will be given by our team (each member has 5% of the vote, the Editor has none, but has the casting vote in case of an ex aequo)
60% of the votes will be given by external critics (10% of votes for each critic)

The criteria are experimentalism, mastery of tropes, ability to push the language to new frontiers, relevance to tradition (pleas have a look at 'Tradition and the individual Talent' to understand what we mean).

You can submit a maximum of 3 poems, or one book for the second category (just provide the title).

There are no fees: we are a non-profit organisation.


1- Poem of the year
2- Poetry book of the year

Open to new as well as established writers. Previously published poems are accepted, as long as the publication year is 2013.

Please send your submissions as a word attachment and with the title 2013 Prize to Sam Jenkin

The winners will also receive signed copies of a novel by a famous author (who wishes to remain anonymous, but we thank all the same for his contribution).
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