Elizabeth Kate Switaj


Elizabeth Kate Switaj teaches English at Shengda College in China's Henan Province.  She has previously taught ESL in Brooklyn and Japan. Her writing reflects her travels and the things her students have taught her using the language she teaches them, and it has appeared in numerous small press publications, including Gratitude with Attitude, Lines and Stars, Xelas Magazine, Hamilton Stone Review, Euphemism, and Diagram.  Her chapbook, The Broken Sanctuary: Nature Poems, is published by Ypolita Press.  She edits Crossing Rivers Into Twilight.

Katushika Hokusai's Nineteenth View of Mt. Fuji
in the Totomi Mountains
Men plow the frame that I set up
        One from beneath
            to be crushed
    One from above
pulls his saw down for seed
-lings to climb straighter
than he climbs now
                   --bent back & bare feet
My beam & its A-frame legs
share duties with the ground
that rolls to hide the witch
whose potions wrap our Fujisan
in smoke with penciled curls
              The frame takes longer than our mountain
            to paint if not to climb
          & hikers will not share tatami mats
      with artists
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