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The Webzine dedicated to exprimental poetry in English, poetics and articles.

Our mission
We wish to promote experimental poetry, poetry that does not conform, poets who are trying new voices.
We wish to promote the study of poetry and its reading.
We wish to promote new talent.
We wish to keep pushing the boundaries of poetry. Sometimes experiments do not work, but should we stop experimenting because of this?

What we are looking for

Poems and articles (not reviews, essays, studies) on poetry, poetics and poets. In particular we are seeking to create a dialogue between poets and their readers that does not end up in a star system (leave the stars in the sky).
We are looking for poems that play with language in innovative ways, we do not focus on the content of the poems (though hate poetry will not be considered), but on its form; we care more for what a poem has to give to the genre than what it says about the poet.
We are looking for original studies of poets, whether they are known or less known, we do not care, what we want is new insights into poetry.
We are also looking for people with theories about poetry.

Our history
We came together as a group of friends in London in 2004, all poet fanatics, some academics, there were eleven of us, now nine.
At the time, few, very few websites offered poets the opportunity to publish their art online, and we are proud to have been done so.
Life sent us our separate ways between 2007 and 2008, but we have found each others again (who is still with us) and wish to continue in our mission.

What we do
You cannot click and post a poem here, although we welcome the many new sites that allow this to happen, we prefer to read every poem or article submitted in detail, then choose a few, only a select few to appear on the site. This is because we believe a few select poems and articles will have a wider impact than many in a 'crammed' window.
We also look out for new talent and try to contact them if we think we can offer them a platform for their work.
In exceptional cases, we sit down and research the work of individual poets if we think we have discovered something new about her or him which we can share through an article of our own. This has only happened three times so far.
We have more than 100,000 visitors, so, we think we have a wide platform to offer.

Who we are
Sam, Editor
Leona, Researcher (she specialises in comparative poetry)
Tom, Webmaster
Mohammud, World Literature
Jennifer, PR
Sue, Design and Art
Veronica, Article Submissions
Eloise, Poetry Submissions
Rick, Bursar (not that we have much, we are volunteers and support this out of our own pockets) and Events Manager.

Submit your poems and articles to Sam Jenkin at

We have two already and would like to hear from you...

Email Sam at

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